f you’ve gotten here from my Twitter feed, first of all welcome, but that also probably means you know me as a minor voice in a cacophonous ocean of sports bloggers. Sports, however, are not among my greatest areas of interest, they simply represented the most accessible path to getting my writing in front of a wider audience.

When I first started writing about sports in my early 20s, I had the hope of one day pursuing a career in writing, but quickly realized the impracticality of such a path given the overwhelming sea of talented people pursuing similar goals, almost all of whom did so for no compensation at all (myself included). My passion for sports was never enough to carry me through the difficult and often unrewarding landscape of sports blogging and so I let my writing wain and eventually expire completely.

My desire to write though has never really abated, it’s just been pushed aside by more immediate concerns (a career, relationships, etc.), and so I’ve launched this simple little blog as a venue for writing about and discussing with others my various interests and maybe even the occasional spark of creativity (yes, like most failed writers I have a series of aborted novels and even a couple screenplays floating around on my hard drive – someday perhaps).

I have BAs in Psychology, Religion and Philosophy from Butler University in Indianapolis, though I don’t claim any particular expertise. This blog exists for the sole purpose of scratching my occasional creative itch and as such will follow the contours of my various interests with no real schedule. Politics, philosophy, religion, social psychology, world travel and even the occasional pondering about sports will likely find their way into my unmoored ramblings. If that sounds like something that might interest you, awesome! If not, maybe you have some ideas to share that can spark a valuable discussion. You can find me elsewhere online at the links below, please don’t hesitate to throw me a tweet or email – I respond to everything.

I have BAs in Psychology, Philosophy and Religion from Butler University in Indianapolis, though I don't claim any particular expertise. I am not a professional writer nor do I pretend to have some special insight into the world. This blog exists for the sole purpose of scratching my occasional creative itch. Please feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook or email at the links below. Thanks for reading!

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